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A Scouter’s Thanksgiving Prayer



With reverance in our hearts,

We, Your many children of many beliefs,

United in common purpose,

Gather to offer this our humble prayer,

In Thanksgiving:

As Scouters we are thankful for:

The many gifts and talents given to our fellow Scouters, and to ourselves;

The freedom we have to join together and as a team accomplish more than any of us could alone;

The opportunity to be of service to young people, parents, other Scouters and our community;

Our joy at seeing so many young people become excited as they grow and are able to meet challenges;

Being reminded by their ceremonies and legends that he who serves his fellows, is of his fellows greatest;

And most importantly we are thankful for the gift of knowing that our prayers are heard.

We each in own way take this moment to silently add our own thanksgivings . . . (pause)

With thanks in our hearts we offer our prayers and ask that You, the Great Scoutmaster of All Scouts, be with each of us until we meet again. AMEN

By Michael F. Bowman

Copyright 1991, All Rights Reserved


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