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Get Your Knots On!

To quote Andy “if you’ve earned Scouting ranks or awards or received recognitions that are symbolized by square knots, wear them.”  (Fruit Salad, Christmas Trees, & Generals)  As leaders, we set the example by wearing the awards that we’ve earned and encourage our Scouts to earn and wear awards – simple as that!  So if you have ’em, don’t be shy – wear ’em.

On the subject of knots, one question that comes up frequently for new adult leaders is “what Square Knots are available for adult leaders?”   There is a great listing of these knots at (a U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc. web site).  Here’s a snapshot of just some of the knots available to adults:

Scouting's Square Knots - Leadership and Training Awards

For more information visit (click to see full sized graphic)

For even more information about Scouting’s Knots, you may want to visit Mike Walton’s web site at


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    Mike Clinch November 30, 2011 at 14:56 #

    Funny story about that. I’m the District Training Chair, and as I have the best records on who is who in the District, I inheirited the job of “historian” as well. I had just sat in on the session of the awards committee and knew who was receiving which awards at the upcoming District Dinner.

    I was also the scribe for the upcoming Wood Badge ccourse, and one Thursday, I met with the Course Director and the Assistant Course Director. The ACD (Dick) commented that he had received a letter from the District stating he should be at the Dinner, as he was receiving an award. He knew that I knew what it was, but after a few jokes, Dick decided to wait until the dinner to find out what it was.

    That evening, I helped our District Commissioner teach one of the sessions of basic training, and we mentioned that advice about wearing your knots. After the meeting, Dick commented he was taking that advice, and on his brand new Centennial uniform, he had two knots – the BSA training knot and the Scoutmaster’s Key. Another commissioner (Dwight) noticed the knots and started telling me, in front of Dick that Dick was way overdue for the District Award of Merit.

    I was left with no good options. I could agree with Dwight, implying that Dick hadn’t yet received the DAM, and therefore wouldn’t this year, because both of them knew that I knew who received the award. I also couldn’t disagree and tell Dwight not to worry, implying that Dick WAS going to receive the DAM. Instead, I tried to play Sgt. Schultz (I know nothing!). Later, I was able to tell Dwight that if he wanted to do any campaigning for an award for Dick, to focus on the Silver Beaver, because Dick WAS to receive the DAM in another week. He’s since received a well-deserved Silver beaver as well, so he’s up to four knots on his uniform.