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Philmont Documentary Collection

The Philmont Documentary Collection promo from Larry McLaughlin on Vimeo is definitely worth a look. (Click the expand button next to HD to watch the full screen version!) After you watch you’ll want to go to and maybe snag yourself a copy of the three hour movie. Could make a great Christmas present for a fellow Trekker.

I stumbled onto this great short video via a Facebook story:

It’s the one year anniversary for The Philmont Documentary Collection! I am very thankful to all those who have taken the time to share their positive comments with me! I am the sole person who made the movie, handles the website and personally ships out orders. I don’t have the means for big advertising, so any help with getting the word out is greatly appreciated. Thanks for a great first year. It means the world to me that this collection has been received so well by those who love Philmont. I am very honored. –Larry McLaughlin

Well Larry, you have something extraordinary and I am only too happy to help get the word out by posting here. If you haven’t been to Philmont or are wondering what all the fuss is about, the full three-hour movie may be just what you need to answer your question(s). Check it out.


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