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Theme Based Pack Meeting Plans Enhance Core Values

With thanks to Commissioner Dave of Baloo’s Bugle fame, here is a list of theme based Pack Meeting plans Meetings for the 2011-2012 Scouting year. The themes for January through September have just been released.

  • October – Responsibility – Jungle of Fun
  • November – Citizenship – 50 Great States
  • December – Respect – Holiday Lights
  • January – Positive Attitude – Abracadabra
  • February – Resourcefulness – Turn Back the Clock
  • March – Compassion – Planting Seeds of Kindness
  • April – Faith – Cub Scouts Give Thanks
  • May – Health and Fitness – Cub Cafe
  • June – Perseverance – Head West Young Man
  • July – Courage – Cubs in Shining Armor
  • August – Honesty – Kids Against Crime
  • September – Cooperation – Hometown Heroes

BSA is continuing to add theme based Pack meeting plans to the Core Value Pack Meeting plans on their web site. The goal is to have three supplemental Pack Meeting plans for each month. These theme based Pack Meeting plans are specifically crafted to bring out important points of the Core Value in a fun way. However, you should remember that the focus is still on the Core Values and that these themes are just there as enhancements and not as a substitute.


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