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The Philmont Documentary Collection

Philmont Staffer Larry McLaughlin’s video The Philmont Documentary Collection is now available via FOr anyone who has been to Philmont or who is thinking about heading there, this is a must see video. Aside from the main movie, the DVD includes small clips that can be used at Scout Meetings including a slideshow, information about special programs, an animated version of the Philmont Story, and more.

The Philmont Documentary Collection DVD

Amazon Description:

“This collection is for anyone who has been to Philmont, plans to go, or just wants to understand what all the excitement is about. The collection was produced over a three year span as a labor of love by longtime Philmont staffer, participant, and filmmaker Larry McLaughlin. This is the most comprehensive and emotional presentation of Philmont Scout Ranch ever made. A full length documentary follow a crew on an entire 11 day trek through all of it’s peaks and valleys. The film explores the history and development of Philmont through rare interviews with Waite Phillips son and most of the Philmont Program Directors from the past 50 years. Perfect for preparing crews to go to Philmont, recruiting new participants, informing parents or recapturing your memories of Philmont Scout Ranch! This is the ultimate keepsake for anyone who loves Philmont. Other features include: Philmont Slideshow: A selection of Philmont’s best photographs spanning more than 70 years set to music. Special Programs: Information & interviews on Philmont’s special programs including Rayado, Cavalcade, ROCS, Autumn Adventure and Kanik. The Phillips’ Extended Interviews: Chope Philips speaks about his father, Waite Phillips, and his memories of growing up on the ranch before it was given to the BSA. Virginia Phillips shares stories of her father and mother in-law. The Sights & Sounds of Philmont: Beautiful scenery and natural sounds from around the ranch for when you need to get your Phil-fix from your living room. Philmont in Two – A two minute presentation for award ceremonies and other events when you have a short amount of time to give your audience a glimpse of Philmont.”

More information about the documentary is available at

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Winter Camping

For Scout Troops braving the cold of winter, this video from the Northern Tier National High Adventure Program’s OPTIK program may be of more than just passing interest. The video presents some great tips for staying warm in extreme temperatures.

YouTube Description:

An explanation of the time-tested Northern Tier Sleeping System. Northern Tier crews regularly face temperatures lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit – this is the system they use to handle those extreme temperatures. In addition to keeping the sleeper warm, this sleeping system also prevents gear from freezing during the night and, in some cases, will help gear dry out.

For more great videos from Norther Tier, check out the Northern Tier YouTube Channel.

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Scouter Run Web Hosting for Scout Units


Mark Rowell - Founder of

Scouter Mark Rowell has teamed up with other Scouting parents to develop a “do it yourself” web hosting solution at for Scout unit web sites. offers templated web sites, easy to use WYSIWYG tools, and unit level administrative control over content at an affordable low annual price that is based on the number of Scouts in the unit. The sites are designed for ease of use and do not require any knowledge of HTML or web technologies. They include image and file upload interfaces, WYSIWYG and script-safe HTML editors, and drag-and-drop positioning/ordering of lists. Most content elements can be copy/pasted. Word docs can be pasted into the WYSIWYG editors for quick custom page creation.

You don’t need to own a domain name to use this service. You will be provided with a web address of your own that includes your unit name. If you do have a domain name, the team at can show you how to point your domain to your hosted site. offers web sites tailored for Packs, Troops, Crews, and Girl Scouting.


Please click above to see larger image.

You can click on any of the offering to get more information about each type of unit web site that is offered. Below is a sample of what is available to Scout Troops.

Web Sites for Troops

Please click above to see larger image.

Below is a screen shot of a sample Troop web site:

Please click to see a larger image.

Over the past few weeks I have had an ongoing dialog with Mark and his developers, Jason and Michael, about the web site. I found that when I asked questions, they were eager to answer and equally happy to take on suggestions. It isn’t often that you will find a web host that is that responsive and helpful, but then again this is Scouting and they are Scouting volunteers which makes a big difference. You can read more about the web developer team at

The team is committed to protecting the privacy of youth members and also uses SSL protected password logins to protect information on each site.

Here is what the founder of has to say about his team and his hosting solution:

One of my biggest concerns over the years have been the inconsistency of BSA web offerings, namely websites of individual units. They are all over the place in look, quality, etc.

Most importantly I have been concerned more recently with units using social media and poorly secured websites that challenge the Child Protection rules of the BSA.

As such I and a couple amazing web designers have created a website building tool for Troops, Packs, Crews and . . ..

I wanted to . . . let the Scouting world know of our product as it will not only help units build a quick professional site, but has a public front end and a private backside created to protect children.

Over the long term we are hopeful in bringing consistency to unit websites and then to work to tie all the amazing information and calendars together. As like you, our goal is to share information and create products to improve the BSA offering.

You can read a little about my family’s back ground on the about us on our website if you are interested. Go to and then click on any of the unit types. At the top of those unit websites you will see our bio’s.

We have an amazing team with similar goals!

Disclaimer: Neither the NetCommish nor the U.S. Scouting Service Project is affiliated with No advertising revenue is being generated from this article. This information is provided for informational purposes only.

From time to time the NetCommish site will feature Scouter owned and operated business that support Scouting. In each case readers are advised to carefully review any offering and encouraged to discuss any questions they have with the Scouter(s) operating the business.

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Why Scouting?

This morning I saw a post on Facebook by Scouter Warren Kraft thanking Zach Galante for making this awesome video and thought what more appropriate way to celebrate BSA’s 102nd Anniversary than to present it here. This video does an exceptional job of answering the question – Why Scouting? It ought to be shown at every Join Scouting Night meeting!

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BSA Birthday & Facebook

The Boy Scouts of America will be 102 years old on February 8, 2012. If you use the new Facebook Timeline feature, you know that you can add your own cover image to your personal information page. Click the picture below to see the full sized image specially prepared to be used on Facebook Timeline pages. You can use it on February 8 to show your support of BSA.

If you like it and would like to use it on February 8 to call attention to BSA’s birthday, you can download it by clicking on the link below

and then:

1. Right click on the full sized image and
2. Select the option to save the image to your computer (Firefox – "Save Image As" | Internet Explorer – "Save Picture As" | Safari – "Save Image As").
3. Save to your hard drive.
4. Go to your Facebook Timeline by clicking your name in the blue bar at the top of your Facebook page.
5. Move your mouse over your cover image and select “Change Cover” to get started.
6. Upload the image you just saved to your hard drive.

Sorry folks, this only works if you have the Facebook Timeline feature enabled.

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2012 BSA Advancement Requirements

The 2012 Boy Scout Requirements Book (33216 – SKU 34765) is now available in Scout Shops and online from

The book contains revised wording of one requirement for each of two Boy Scout Ranks (Second Class and Eagle), changes to the wording of some requirements for 14 merit badges (Archery, Astronomy, Athletics, Bugling, Camping, Climbing, Fly-Fishing, Graphic Arts, Hiking, Motorboating, Music, Personal Fitness, Scouting Heritage, and Woodwork) and the requirements for 3 new merit badges (Chess and Robotics, which were released in 2011, and Welding, which will available for Scouts to earn in Late February or early March).

Paul Wolf, Secretary of the US Scouting Service Project, Inc. (USSSP) has prepared a report and analysis of all the changes in the new book, and posted his report on the USSSP website ( at this URL:

His report identifies the exact wording changes for all of the rank and merit badge requirements that have changed from last year.

In addition, Paul has updated all the affected web pages and worksheets on the USSSP site to reflect the current requirements.

This is the 17th consecutive edition of Boy Scout Requirements for which Paul has prepared his report.

Paul has also posted information from the Guide to Advancement (33088) – SKU 614448), regarding specific qualifications now required for certain merit badge counselors and those supervising Scouts working on those merit badges (Canoeing, Climbing, Lifesaving, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Scuba Diving, Shotgun Shooting, Snow Sports, Swimming, and Whitewater). That information can be found at:

and in the footnotes to the requirements for those specific merit badges posted on the USSSP site.

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