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The Philmont Documentary Collection

Philmont Staffer Larry McLaughlin’s video The Philmont Documentary Collection is now available via FOr anyone who has been to Philmont or who is thinking about heading there, this is a must see video. Aside from the main movie, the DVD includes small clips that can be used at Scout Meetings including a slideshow, information about special programs, an animated version of the Philmont Story, and more.

The Philmont Documentary Collection DVD

Amazon Description:

“This collection is for anyone who has been to Philmont, plans to go, or just wants to understand what all the excitement is about. The collection was produced over a three year span as a labor of love by longtime Philmont staffer, participant, and filmmaker Larry McLaughlin. This is the most comprehensive and emotional presentation of Philmont Scout Ranch ever made. A full length documentary follow a crew on an entire 11 day trek through all of it’s peaks and valleys. The film explores the history and development of Philmont through rare interviews with Waite Phillips son and most of the Philmont Program Directors from the past 50 years. Perfect for preparing crews to go to Philmont, recruiting new participants, informing parents or recapturing your memories of Philmont Scout Ranch! This is the ultimate keepsake for anyone who loves Philmont. Other features include: Philmont Slideshow: A selection of Philmont’s best photographs spanning more than 70 years set to music. Special Programs: Information & interviews on Philmont’s special programs including Rayado, Cavalcade, ROCS, Autumn Adventure and Kanik. The Phillips’ Extended Interviews: Chope Philips speaks about his father, Waite Phillips, and his memories of growing up on the ranch before it was given to the BSA. Virginia Phillips shares stories of her father and mother in-law. The Sights & Sounds of Philmont: Beautiful scenery and natural sounds from around the ranch for when you need to get your Phil-fix from your living room. Philmont in Two – A two minute presentation for award ceremonies and other events when you have a short amount of time to give your audience a glimpse of Philmont.”

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