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Should There Be A Knot for High Adventure?

John Pratt from Crossroads of America Council wrote via the feedback form to suggest that maybe there ought to be a new square knot for Scouts and Scouters that complete High Adventure events like the Philmont Trek. We chatted about it a bit and came up the idea that maybe there should be a knot called the “High Adventure Specialist Award” and then we came up with some proposed requirements.

High Adventure Specialist Award (Knot) Requirements

1. Attend two weeks of resident Boy Scout Camp (keeps local councils happy)

2. Participate in a high adventure program at any camp or at a high adventure base (local council, regional, or national).

3. Participate in a second high adventure program at a recognized BSA High Adventure Base like Philmont.

4. Take a leadership role in preparing a group for a high adventure experience – adult leader or youth leader role.

5. Help promote high adventure programs in your local council.

Of course this is just the musings of two old time Scouters and not anything even remotely close to official. Let me know what you think via the comments section.

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Wood Carving Resource

After a tough time rowing up the Wildcat creek and a robust lunch in the old dining hall, the Scouts of Troop 13’s Fox Patrol marched down a set of steep steps to cross a ravine on a long plank bridge, then climb to the top of the hill for the afternoon’s program. They emerged from the woods some 50 years ago to a set of tables for instruction in the art of wood carving and quickly began trying to shape blocks of wood into wondrous neckerchief slides that were sure to be displayed at the next Troop Court of Honor where merit badges from camp would be awarded including Wood Carving.

We sat there in the hot Indiana sun, sweat rolling off our brows with intent faces and pinched grimaces as we carefully shaped those wonderful creations. While that was a long, long time ago; it was one of the more memorable experiences we had at camp and even now, I still have that neckerchief slide and still feel a sense of pride that it was something I made with my own hands.

That is one of wonderful things about Scouting. You learn that you can do things that you never thought you could do. You grow. And you feel a lot of self-esteem when you succeed at doing something difficult.

If you have similar memories and are wanting to share the fun of wood carving with your Scouts or if you are a Wood Carving Merit Badge counselor, you may want to pay a visit to Whittler Bob’s web site. Bob has had an enduring affection for wood carving and sells all the necessary stuff that you need to have a good experience with wood carving. Bob was a the 2010 National Jamboree showing his talents and sharing the tricks of the trade.

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