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Scouting Radio Coverage of the Jamborees

Thought I would pass on an email that was forwarded to me about Scouting Radio’s coverage of ten Jamborees in July at

Dear Scouting Radio Listener,

July is just around the corner and it is the month of Jamboree, Jamboree, Jamboree! We will be providing LIVE up to date reports on:



If its Scouting related – We have it covered. Click any of the above links to bring you to the jamboree page on our Scouting Radio site, where you will gain the latest news and reports from the Scouting Radio team, whichever Scout camp it is! Don’t forget to read our Jamboree blog on our site!


That’s 10 Jamborees covered LIVE on Scouting Radio throughout the month of July! Are you attending? Please let us know!


Its back! The Scouting Radio badge (above left) is back in stock and available to order on the Scouting Radio store . We’re just after getting a new supplier for our woven badge along with our new woggles (pictured right!) If you like to order in bulk please contact us. Remember all proceeds will go towards keeping Scouting Radio broadcasting 24 hours a day.


Scouting Radio have teamed up with Scout-n-About to bring you a brand new competition of “Design a T-shirt”. Above is an example of one of our t-shirt winners. All you have to do is design a Scouting t-shirt. The winner each month will get the 1st print of their t-shirt which will also go on sale in the Scouting Radio shop! Cool huh?


Come and “Hangout” with the Scouting Radio presenters. If you are a young Scout or Scouter hows about getting involved with one of our monthly hangout sessions. We discuss Scouting related topics by webcam, its moderated, we never pass on any details of our attendees to any other person. For more information email us and we will tell you of our next hangout!


Hope you enjoy the month of July on Scouting Radio!


Best wishes,

Yours in Scouting –


The Scouting Radio Team


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