Module 7 – Scenario 2

Scenario # 2 – Who’s Minding the Store

You are a relatively new District Commissioner and have just taken stock of your new situation. Your District is almost evenly divided between urban, suburban and rural areas with three services areas that each very different.

In the urban service area there are about six struggling units and eight that appear to be doing well. You have an Assistant District Commissioner, who is very busy and frequently away on travel related to his business. This ADC’s spouse handles lots of telephone calls, but has never been trained or registered in Scouting. The spouse tries to help, but as often as not gets things turned around when answering questions. There are two registered Unit Commissioners here. Few of the unit leaders are trained and their tenure is usually fairly short. You don’t recall seeing any of them at Roundtable meetings.

In the suburban residential area you have three Unit Commissioners each serving three a Pack, Troop and Post from each of three chartering organizations. You also have two others that serve four units. The ADC is well trained and personable, but not very organized. This ADC can’t tell you much about his units, but remarkably they all look healthy with only one exception. There is a Cub Pack that is dwindling away. This gets your attention because in past years it used to feed 10 to 15 Webelos to a Troop that is nearby. These units always show up for District events and are well represented at Roundtable meetings. Of course a few of the units have some odd quirks and every once in awhile you hear things that make you wonder, but the units are active and the Scouts seem to be progressing.

In the rural area your ADC is a real hands-on sort. He’s everywhere all of the time or so it would seem. He knows everyone and what’s going on. Despite the large area he has to cover his units seem to be in good shape for now. Amazingly he only has two Unit Commissioners to help him out with the 12 units he has. This area has really high moral and does great things. Every unit is always at District events and the folks here drive through blizzards to get to Roundtable and Pow Wow meetings. The enthusiasm with this ADC’s people is contagious and they all are eager to work hard to help their Scouts.

1. What are the problems that you see in each Service Area?

2. What are the weaknesses that you see with each ADC?

3. Which Service Area is in the most trouble right now?

4. Which Service Area is in the most danger – a bomb waiting to explode?

5. What should your priorities be in working on these problems?

6. What steps should be taken to improve each Service Area?

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