Module 9 – Scenario 3

Scenario # 3 – Eager Beavers

As a Unit Commissioner you receive a telephone call from a really excited volunteer, Patsy Pizzazz, asking you to attend a Troop Committee meeting to help them get going. The Troop was just recently formed and there are a good core group of excited parents that want to make sure that the Troop really succeeds. Patsy explains that the Troop has had a few meetings and that the committee is getting ready to plan a lot of activities to ensure the Troop’s success. She just knows that with your experience, you can give them a lot of ideas and help them do it right. Bursting with genial enthusiasm she continues to explain that the Troop is setting some really important goals for each boy and that they are sure each Scout is going to have a great time. Before you know it, you’ve agreed to attend, only you don’t quite remember saying so.

After thinking about it for awhile, you decide you might as well go and see what can be done. You arrive to find a room with about five sets of parents just bursting with excitement and busily going from one subject to another in random sequence. They stop momentarily to invite you into the free-for-all. After about half an hour of listening you begin to get the picture.

Each of these sets of parents has decided to be Patrol Parents, responsible for seeing to the operation of each patrol. After all they were all successful Cub Scout den leaders at one time or another. One set has become the Patrol Parents to the Senior Patrol and as a by-product have become Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster. Patsy it turns out is the Committee Chairperson. You learn from an organizational chart that all of their sons have received appointments to jobs in the senior patrol and that the remaining patrols are at half-strength (3-5 boys). They have managed to plan about three activities a month for the next eight months and several service projects. One parent has put together some computer printouts with each boys name and goals. Another has already organized a sign-up for all of the events and summer camp.

About this time they realize you’ve been silent and expecting a great pat on the back for their magnificent efforts, they ask for your opinion. You look around the room to a sea of expectant smiling faces each with eyes that already are seeing campfires, canoes, and backpacks in their imaginations.

Well, its your turn to speak. What are you going to say?

1. What problems do you see in this situation?

2. What positives do you see?

3. How can you use those positives to help the situation?

4. What needs to be changed?

5. How can they make the changes?

6. What resources do they need?

7. What is your role in this situation?

8. What must you do to make sure that you will still be able to be effective as a UC in the months ahead?

9. What can you do to help?

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