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Issue 319 – July 4, 2012


The usual day we make resolutions for ourselves is January first. I think today—Independence Day—may be even better. Here are my Independence Day resolutions…

o As Scoutmaster, I will train and guide the Scouts in my troop to lead themselves.

o As Scoutmaster, I will make sure the troop I serve has a Patrol Leaders Council and I will keep myself from speaking at their meetings.

o As Cubmaster, I will step back from running the entire pack.

o As Cubmaster, I will encourage all dens to participate in our pack meetings, even when that means I have to cancel the clown and the reptile folks and give the meeting to the dens and their Cubs.

o As Venturing Crew Advisor I will step way back as these capable teens plan, organize, and run their own program.

o As a Den Leader, I will treat the boys entrusted to me as if they were my own.

o As Committee Chair, I will recruit new blood and give them rein to manage their self-selected responsibilities.

o As Unit Commissioner, I will offer counsel and guide the volunteers of the units I serve to discover their own solutions to situations.

o As District Commissioner, I will recruit and personally train if need be the people who will provide counsel to our unit volunteers; I will support the Commissioners in my charge, counsel those who may go astray, and replace those not fitting this diplomatic role.

o As District Chair, I will assure a complete complement of district-level volunteers who have chosen and know their responsibilities, and I will step aside so that they can carry them out.

o As a District-level volunteer, I will support my district and council in achieving its goals and I will not engage in or permit disparagement of my district, my council, or the BSA.

o As a council-level volunteer, I will support all efforts of our districts in whatever ways I’m able.

o As Council President, I will engender and contribute to goodwill and forward-thinking throughout our executive board and council committee.

o As a Scout parent, I will support my son’s interests and never demand that he choose between Scouting and other natural activities. I will study the Scouting program and insist that the volunteers to whom I’ve entrusted my son provide a complete and correct Scouting program.

Happy Scouting!


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Andy is a Board Member of the U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc.

Andy has just received notification by his council Scout Executive that he is to be recognized as a National Distinguished Eagle Scout. He is currently serving as a Unit Commissioner and his council's International Representative. He has previously served in a number of other Scouting roles including Assistant Council Commissioner, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Den Leader, and--as a Scout--Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. His awards include: Kashafa Iraqi Scouting Service Award, Distinguished Commissioner, Doctor of Commissioner Science, International Scouter Award, District Award of Merit (2), Scoutmaster Award of Merit, Scouter's Key (3), Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award, Cliff Dochterman Rotarian Scouter Award, James E. West Fellow (2), Wood Badge & Sea Badge, and Eagle Scout & Explorer Silver Award.

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