Advancement – Eagle

The following Eagle Scout advancement training program was developed by James Eager – District Advancement Chair – Thunderbird District – Gulf Ridge Council and Joe Larkin – District Advancement Chair – Little Econ District – Central Florida Council.  The program is intended to last approximately four hours. 

The main presentations are listed first and then followed by optional trivia presentations which can be used between presentations to add a little more spice.  Door prizes for the first correct trivia answer may also be given, if you wish.  Please note that adults are separated from the youth members at the halfway point in the Project Workbook presentation.  Adults are given a presentation of Courts of Honor while the youth members receive additional training on projects and preparing for the Eagle Board of Review.


Main Presentations
Opening Remarks & Pledge of Allegiance
Trail to Eagle Overview
Project Ideas – Examples
Completing a Project Workbook – 1st Half
Completing a Project Workbook Eagle Court of Honor
Prepare for the Eagle Board Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle Application Eagle Court of Honor
The Eagle Board – What to Expect Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle Scout Merit Badges
First Eagle
Gone Home
Highest Rank
How Many Eagles
Merit Badges
Number of Eagle Scout Merit Badges


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