Commissioner Ceremony

I recall a very brief commissioning ceremony that was used by a District Commissioner for Assistant District Commissioners (the District was preparing for sub-division into four Districts and the size of a small Council). At the monthly Commissioner meeting the DC asked each prospective ADC to come forward. The DC spent some time introducing the ADCs with a short bio for each. The DC then gave a short two minute talk on why Commissioners count and their role. He then asked them to affirm their willingness to do their duties by reciting a Commissioner pledge. At the conclusion each was presented with a certificate of appointment as Commissioner.

The Commissioner’s Pledge:

On my honor I will do my best, by example in my daily life

to make the Scout Oath and Law a more vital force

for good character and citizenship in the lives

of the youth and leaders I serve.


I will do my best to help secure, and help to make effective

the finest possible leadership, for the units I serve.


I will do my best to help make the program of the units I serve,

the best that can be given, rich in wholesome fun and adventure.


In all that I do, I will strive to help my units

attract into membership, every possible youth

so that through their participation, that youth

can help make America a finer, greater nation

in a world community.

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